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Wormhole Labs and MagicLinks Team Up to Offer Safe Social Interaction and Shopping During Pandemic

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

The creators of the Wormhole™ platform, company Wormhole Labs, recently struck a deal with MagicLinks.

MagicLinks has established itself in the world of social commerce via popular social platforms, as a way to aid sales for major retail chains like Target, Nike, and Best Buy.

The current Wormhole™ Platform, which is a beta release, creates a living simulation of the world, letting people and businesses teleport, or, ‘Wormhole,’ as avatars to different locations.

Users can also socialize, interact with each other, and shop in this first consumer-facing iteration of the metaverse.

Wormhole uses MagicLinks tech, which empowers influencers and creators to share products to earn income. This partnership will help the Wormhole™ Platform to offer shopping links for over 5,000 brands, creating a new form of e-commerce with big potential for growth.

Curtis Hutten, CEO/founder of Wormhole Labs, had this to say on the subject:

“Users can now safely shop in an immersive and social manner like they are used to, but without the risks of human contact during this coronavirus pandemic. Even better, friends from multiple locations can shop together live as avatars, and have fun just like they are hanging out together and walking along in person. Through our partnership with MagicLinks, Wormhole will help retail locations not only drive sales but share information and connect with their communities during this tumultuous time. This is a next-level social and e-commerce experience."

Additionally, MagicLinks co-founder and CEO Biran Nickerson highlighted the benefits of this approach:

"In the broader context of COVID-19, brick-and-mortar retail experiences require innovative solutions to provide consumers with a contemporary and safe way to shop. We’re incredibly excited to collaborate with Wormhole to supply consumers with the necessary tools needed to have a fun and futuristic shopping experience that allows them to virtually connect, regardless of location, while taking the necessary social distancing measures required to defeat the COVID-19 pandemic."

COO of Wormhole, Phil Ranta, added some important info:

"Wormhole’s community uses the immersive social platform to participate in the world like they’re actually there. Shopping is a huge part of our day-to-day activity. With the lockdowns due to the pandemic, we want to replicate that experience in partnership with MagicLinks.”

More info on Wormhole

Wormhole has found a way to evolve social interaction through tech. Users, whether individuals or organizations and businesses, can experience a virtual space together, where they can livestream, view content, start their own meetings, and even hold concerts.

The platform also provides ways to monetize, including the creation of clubhouses for fans of specific content creators. E-commerce is also an important element of the platform, from creator-driven products to larger retailers.

This e-commerce functionality will only be expanded by the abovementioned MagicLinks partnership. And brands themselves can entice customers to view their offerings and discounts in this lifelike virtual space.

You can find even more info on Wormhole Labs by visiting their website, linked above.

More info on MagicLinks

MagicLinks, as a whole, represents a premium marketplace with a focus on online video influencers and major international brands.

Featuring solid ROI and data-driven solutions for campaigns and sales data, creators can share their favorite products with their fans.

MagicLinks is native to the digital video space, and they have a real passion for influencers and all they can offer.

You can find even more info on MagicLinks by visiting their website, linked above.

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