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What Business Field Should I Go Into

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Are you thinking about starting a business but aren't sure where to begin? When you have so many ideas but unable to decide which business field you want to go.

Here we've gathered tips to help you choose the right fit for you.

As many experts would say, go for what you are passionate about, something that interests you the most. Some will say go for the highest profit. When both of these are important, you might come out of your profitable organization where your expertise is utilized.

You might also specialize in a particular kind of organization, integrating your business understanding with the 2nd field of interest, such as engineering or logistics. 

Where do your interests lie

What are the interests that you have that could be transformed into value by the market?

Particular interests, for example—like chatting with friends—are not going to work well into any business industry. But is there a particular part about chatting with your friends that you enjoy? Is it interacting with people? Giving advice? Your propensity for socializing could be transferred into a career in human resources.

In general, think about what you most enjoy doing and try to figure out which elements are constants throughout all of these things.

Once you have identified concepts that consistently pique your interest, start investigating different business fields, and see where you best fit.

Spend some time to reflect on your past, think of something that has historically made you happy and which will most likely make you happy in the future.

You can also ask some colleagues, friends, or family for their honest views on your skills and passions, as we often are better able to observe those around us than ourselves accurately.

Start your own business

There are plenty of opportunities to start businesses that make money even with little investment.

Not all businesses are created equally in terms of their ability to earn a profit, however, if you have an ambition and you are resourceful you can start a business from scratch and continue to invest in it.

Mobile businesses

The wave of the future is working remotely, which is why mobile businesses are becoming one of the most profitable and trending businesses. If you can provide a service and perform a skill that can be done from any location, take your business to on wheels and start traveling to your customers.

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Business to business services

Business to business services also referred to as B2B services, are becoming more popular as time goes. Freelancers or an incorporated company can perform B2B services.

There are many types of B2B services that you can offer to save money and increase efficiency. Marketing services include social media management, digital marketing, content marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), graphic design, website development, and ad management. 

Other B2B services that are part of daily operations are payroll, bookkeeping, accounting, tax preparation, and consulting.

These types of services are mostly provided by local small businesses, digital marketing agencies, and independent contractors. Whichever way you choose to go into B2B services, the potential to earn six figures per year is possible.


"Sharing" businesses are getting popular now more than ever, thanks to the increased interest in minimalism, environmental concern, and the economy.

"Sharing" businesses have conquered the homes, businesses, and lives of millions of people across the world. These services include peer-to-peer lending, crowdfunding, apartment renting (couch-surfing, Airbnb), ridesharing (Uber). 

Think about a service that needs sharing and see if you can create the framework for it to happen!

Real Estate Services

According to Forbes, real estate was one of the topmost 2017 profitable businesses — and this still proves true in 2019.

Other leasing real estate agents may not require a real estate license as long as they work under a licensed broker, depending on the state where you are.

If you are looking to launch a full-service real estate, then you will need a set of business cards, get your license, and a strong marketing strategy.

Virtual Reality (VR) businesses

Virtual reality (VR) is the most significant technological advances to hit theaters and homes and in the past years. The opportunities to incorporate VR into your business and everyday lifestyle are limitless from video game headsets to interactive home setups,

You can start a VR business with office team-building exercises, 3D movies, gaming, meditation, and training. These options can be done mobile on wheels.

VR small business attracts interest in people of all ages and levels of technology experience regardless of your location.

Personal Services

If you are usually active in the digital space, then you are probably aware that personal services are taking the world by storm. Fitness, wellness, health, and pet-related services are some of the most popular and profitable own small business ventures. The start-up costs can be very low and generate thousands of dollars of revenue in no time.

Take your time

A significant advantage of starting a business is the potential increase in your income. Entrepreneurs may be able to create multiple income streams from their companies, allowing them to earn more money than a traditional job.

You might hear it a lot of times that success doesn't happen overnight. Part of starting your own business is taking the time to analyze and make a plan. Use the plan you've created to work on your business consistently, and you will increase your chances of success.

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