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What Are Some Eco Friendly Gadgets

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

We should all be considering how to make more eco-conscious options in our lives, and sometimes technology can really help in this regard.

In order to do our part (and help you do yours), we've made a list of some gizmos and gear that will assist your green journey all year long.

Keep reading for the leading environment-friendly gadgets to use while you're out and about or back at your home.


The Eco-Amp is a speaker cone for your phone that doesn't require external power! It was initially designed for iPads and iPhones but now works on almost all devices.

The shipment comes with two amp cones, one plain and a print utilizing soy-based ink.

It can be assembled or taken apart for easy reuse and has an adhesive that lets it stay with your device; however, it does not leave any residue. It costs $10.00 for both tablets and phones.

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Water Pebble 

If there is anything that modern society does well, it's wasting water by taking long showers.

Water Pebble helps you minimize your shower time in a straightforward method!

Water pebble helps you to know when you're using more than your last shower, as it will display green, orange, and red lights indicating your water usage.

Each time you shower, Water Pebble will decrease the time by seven seconds, helping you reduce your showers without having to handle anything except for taking a look at the indicator lights.

Rocketbook app

The Rocketbook app makes it easy to save or scan your notes as a PDF to multiple cloud storage services or email, and it likewise can convert your handwriting into text.

Rothy's single-use water bottles

Rothy's Single-use water bottles have become an ecological pester. Shoe business Rothy's changes them into trendy and environmentally friendly, flats, loafers, and tennis shoes, with styles tailored for women and kids.

While plastic bottles aren't usually the most vibrant items, Rothy's been available in all sorts of brilliant looks with animal-print designs and even flames for the kids.


If you load lunches for work or school, you could be going through a disconcerting number of disposable baggies in a lifetime.

These recyclable silicone Stasher storage bags can stand up to the rigors of microwaves and freezers and are likewise just delighted to hang out in a lunchbox.

Art of Lunch

Here's a slightly various technique to the plastic baggie quandary. These bags are made from cotton lined with food-safe polyester. What makes them engaging are the designs: kitties, squids, turtles, and mermaid scales make it enjoyable to go environment-friendly. And, yes, they're multiple-use and can go in the dish-washing machine.

Produce bags might seem cloudy and light-weight, but they still add to the issue. 

The Flip and Tumble recyclable grocery bags

The Flip and Tumble recyclable grocery bags are made from polyester and are machine washable. The large mesh lets you see what's inside these grocery bags.

Etee covers

These eco-friendly Etee covers are made with natural beeswax and cotton. You warm these naturally degradable products up with your hands before utilizing them to wrap food or cover a bowl or plate.

Panasonic reusable Eneloop

It looks like everyone and their mother makes rechargeable batteries, but the Panasonic reusable Eneloop versions are famous for their long life spans. It may take a little time to charge them, but that's more suitable for tossing a relentless stream of drained pipes batteries into the trash.

It includes a photovoltaic panel, three overhead lights, wall-mounted light switches, and a control box that likewise serves as a radio and gizmo charger. The system might be utilized to bring light to a cabin or camper as a backup system in case of a power failure.

Anker's portable photovoltaic panels

It can hook onto your backpack to keep your gizmos charged on your thrilling experiences in far lands.

USBCell deals AA

USBCell deals AA batteries that run and look similar to regular AA; however, the positive end opens to reveal a USB plug that connects to any USB charger, including your computer.

Wanderer 13

If you're camping, hiking or driving far, Goal No's Wanderer 13 is a great solar panel to charge your phone, laptop computer, lights, or whatever else utilizes 13 watts or less. Other groups will have restricted choices or be less reliable; however, the Wanderer 13 does it all.

It has the power to charge a laptop; it has a USB plug, a 12-volt output cable, and a cable for linking up numerous panels. It can charge multiple devices as soon as, and the case has an area to slip in cable televisions or laptops. All of this weighs 2 pounds and expenses about $160.

Eco-friendly gadgets are the best!

Even small gestures can build up and have an ecological effect, whether you're picking, utilizing natural cleaning items, or finding methods to ditch single-use items and preferably (or eco-friendly ones) with sustainable products.

Using environmentally friendly issues and products every day is a fantastic method to decrease our and assist us in supporting our role as stewards of the planet and its water.

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