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Top Ten Entrepreneurs in the World

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Ever wonder who makes the list of world-famous entrepreneurs? These are the most popular business owners that deserve emulating, selected for this list, and ranked loosely by popular viewpoint as well as clear service success metrics.

These organization leaders are from diverse domains and at the top of their fields and are fantastic good examples, along with being a few of the most well-known individuals on the planet. Let us review and go through a list of top 10 wealthiest entrepreneurs (according to Forbes most current report) 

1. Jeff Bezos

Born in 1964, Jeff Bezos is the creator & CEO of the e-commerce giant Amazon. He founded Amazon as an online book shop in the year 1994. Today, Amazon is not only the world's biggest online shopping platform; however, it likewise has diversified interests in numerous other organizations like Amazon Web Provider, Alexa, Junglee, Audible, and so on.

2. Bill Gates

One of the most recognized names in the entrepreneurial world. As the creator of Microsoft, he has grown his wealth over the last couple of years and continuously tops the world's wealthiest entrepreneurs. His best advice when it comes to new and old business owners alike is to evaluate any given situation from every possible angle, then to decide and persevere. 

He is extensively credited as one of the pioneers who transformed the individual computing market with Microsoft's operating system 'Windows.' Begun in 1975, Microsoft now has actually diversified interests in different companies consisting of Skype, Linked In, Yammer, Microsoft Mobile (Earlier understood as Nokia). With a net worth of $97 billion, Bill Gates is at number 2nd on the list. 

3. Warren Buffet

Among the most effective financiers of our time. He is the owner of Berkshire Hathaway, which owns more than 60 businesses, including Geico & Duracell. He has actually pledged to donate 99% of his wealth towards charities. With a net worth of $82 billion, Warren Buffet is at the number 3 spot on this list.

4. Bernard Arnault

The chairman & CEO of the fashion conglomerate LVMH, the world's largest luxury-goods company. LVMH has more than 70+ brand names under its belt. With a net worth of $76 billion, Bernard Arnault likewise occurs to be Europe's wealthiest individual.

5. Carlos Slim Helu

Owns America Movil, Mexico's most fabulous mobile telecom company. He has diversified interests in other sectors like building and construction, durable goods, mining, realty & media. With a net worth of $64 billion, Carlos Slim Helu is at # 5 on this list. 

6. Amancio Ortega 

A Spanish billionaire businessman and a Co-founder of Inditex Group. As of December 2019, Ortega had a net worth of $68.3 billion, making him the second-wealthiest person in Europe after Bernard Arnault, and the sixth-wealthiest on the planet.

7. Larry Ellison

An American entrepreneur, business owner, and philanthropist who is a co-founder and the executive chairman and primary technology officer (CTO) of Oracle Corporation.

Larry is very smart and successful guy and that's why he makes #7 on our list.

8. Mark Zuckerburg 

The well-known co-founder & CEO of the social media network Facebook. Facebook has grown leaps & bounds since its inception in 2004. Zuckerberg has actually pledged to contribute 99% of his Facebook holdings towards charity. With a net worth of $62 billion, Mark Zuckerburg is 8th on this list (likewise the youngest). 

9. Michael Bloomberg

A co-founder & CEO of the media giant Bloomberg. Also, the most prominent media personality on this list and was even tipped as a governmental candidate for the most current election (he is also the mayor of New York City). 

Bloomberg, the service he built, is known worldwide as one of the first companies of software and hardware to stock exchanges and traders worldwide, it is likewise among the most prominent media platforms in the business world. 

10. Larry Page

CEO and a co-founder & of Alphabet Inc., the holding company of Google. Apart from being the world's largest online search engine, Google also runs a bunch of popular digital services like YouTube, Drive, Cloud, Gmail, Maps, etc. Alphabet is likewise taking numerous ingenious initiatives in the health & wise house devices sectors.

Final notes 

I think money isn't the proper parameter to evaluate if an entrepreneur (or for that matter, even a person) is wealthy. The primary objective of this post was to list the names of billionaire business owners in financial terms. There is a painful fact that any small company owner needs to face. 

Even in the very best of times, the vast majority of small companies fail. In this post, we'll look at ten entrepreneurs who not only succeeded; however developed substantial business empires. 

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