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Best Entrepreneur Series on Netflix

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Netflix is best for Friday nights spent on the couch, long study breaks in the library, and House of Cards marathons. However, did you know it's likewise an incredible method to learn more about the organization?

If you're a businessman interested in starting your own company, your couch became your friend. Netflix has a substantial brochure of on-demand TV programs and documentaries that is seemingly tailor-made for new companies. 

Minimalism (2016)

Mainly tailored to consumers. The entire point of the film is that you can live a happy and fulfilling life with very couple of product items.

The whole end of the film is that you can live a happy and fulfilling life with very couple of product items. Keep in mind that earnings aren't merely about increasing sales—it's likewise about decreasing expenses.

As a business owner, resist the temptation to purchase glossy organization cards or large workplaces. Instead, you should: Style your operations to be as lean as possible Avoid "owning" physical things whenever you can, Tony Robbins is a prominent life coach and company strategist.

Tony Robbins (2016)

Tony Robbins is a life coach and business strategy. He explained that A common mistake new entrepreneurs make is failing to notice changes in demand from their customer base because they've wrapped their identity in their company's first offering.

That being said, expanding the brand to a new approach will be as fruitless if the decision is catered to vague market developments than a relationship with a specific customer base.

"You've got to figure it out how to know more about them than anybody else does," he said. 

The Big Short (2015)

The Big Short is an example of a movie that can teach business lessons. It is a movie about investing and trading in the market, particularly during a financial crisis, so that it can show some useful financial lessons.

One of the best experiences we learned from this film is don't invest in something if you don't understand what it is. If you don't know what you're doing, what you're getting yourself involved in, it's not an investment. It's a gamble.

Capital C (2015)

Capital C is a documentary about the phenomenon of crowdfunding. "In crowdfunding, money isn't just cash—and to consider it as simply cash is to misunderstand what's going on."

It's all about involvement—about providing individuals a chance to contribute and belong to something that matters to them.

The secret to raising vast sums of capital lies in creating a message that resonates with others. If you start doing this, people will naturally want to help and support your growth. 

business meeting

TED Talks (2015)

Short for Technology, Education, and Design. 

Netflix has hand-picked some of the best business lessons for you from these TED Talks and compiled them into a 10-part series that you could enjoy watching. If you're into a crash course in business education that you can fit into a weekend of binge-watching — you must check out these TED Talks.

Jiro Dreams of Sushi (2012)

This 2011 documentary informs the story of Jiro Ono, a 90-year-old Japanese sushi chef, and dining establishment owner who is commonly considered the best worldwide.

Jiro and his personnel's commitment to quality and fascination with perfection are present in every meal they serve, which describes why individuals will pay $300 a plate.

If your devotion and enthusiasm exist in the products you create, people will not only discover, but they'll likewise value the value in what you provide.

Something Ventured (2011)

This documentary reveals the ups and downs of the structure of some of the best business of the twentieth century and the concealed dramas behind some of the most famous names in the company.

It's something to come up with a concept that could change the world; it's something else to really make something of it. Something that often separates successful business owners from folks envisions intriguing things is the capital to produce and market a brand-new product; most innovators, however, do not have unlimited funds at their disposal, which's where endeavor capitalists can be found in.

Freakonomics (2010)

This exciting movie stitches together a series of vignettes that walk you through the fields of human behavior and psychology.

Since business is essentially the art of "negotiation," — this isn't a documentary, every entrepreneur can afford to miss. Whether your business goal is to charge higher prices, compete more aggressively, or incentivize employees. Freakonomics is full of actionable insights that can help you put to work right away.

Breaking Bad (2008)

If you haven't seen this award-winning TV show, you're missing out. The rise and fall of Walter White, a chemistry teacher turned into a drug dealer is a thrilling and dark journey into the world of drug dealing.

If you look deeper into the message of this movie, the main takeaway for any entrepreneurs is that success can come at you quickly — especially if you dedicate yourself to quality. On the surface, this is good — however, if you sacrifice integrity along the way, bad things are bound to happen to you. 

Enron (2005)

Every business has bad and good days — sometimes even in bad years. Remaining open and transparent to your people increases the chances of coming out of the fire unscathed. This movie further drives home the importance of honesty and integrity to every business.

Walter White didn't cut corners; however, the key players in this 2005 film certainly did. They doctored reports, fudged numbers, and lied to regulators and investors. The charade worked for a while until everything came crashing down spectacularly. Don't make the same mistake. 

Summing up

If you need an inspiration booster, pop in among these Netflix reveals every entrepreneur needs to watch, and you may begin to feel the determination and creative juices flushing back into your veins. 

The bottom line is to keep in mind actions speak louder than thoughts. Don't forget to get up off the couch and begin hustling. Below are a few of our Best Entrepreneur Series on Neflix leading picks in no particular order. 

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