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How to Work Google Home Hub

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

When it comes to automating your house, smart products assist you to remain linked and deal welcome benefits for a hectic way of life. According to recent statistics, voice control abilities are leading concern for the majority of Americans using wise house devices. Spoken commands are driving the brave brand-new hands-free world of automation.

The brand-new Google Home Center serves as command central, unifying your team of house automation devices and enabling you to quickly access the video doorbell, electronic cameras, lights, and otherwise gadgets with only your voice.

Here are some guidelines on how to use your Google home hub.

Where to set up?

Since Google home hub doesn't have a camera, you may feel more comfortable keeping the Hub in a bedroom than other devices. It works your nightstand, showing you essential info when you wake up, such as the calendar, weather, and traffic on your commute. The ambient light sensor dims the screen, so it'll be less disruptive to your sleep.

A kitchen is an excellent option also since the Home hub has powerful cooking tools baked right in. You can call up any recipes or access YouTube instructional videos with a voice command. 

Start to Download 

Download the software on the tablet or tablet you use most. The most recently revamped Google Home app (Android and iOS) is essential; you can't complete the setup process without it. 

It's the central nerve center for your Home Hub, plus it links to other connected smart home devices. 

Train to recognize your voice

Voice commands are the best part of how you interact with Google's Home devices, and the Home Hub is no exception. 

For example, when you ask about your calendar events, you'll get results from your account, and if someone else asks the same question, their results are displayed as well. You can get personalized answers for each question about your plan, local weather, curated news reports, entertainment, and other things. 

Since it has a screen, you can also use it to watch videos on YouTube. You can set up filters If you want to prevent your kids from watching certain kinds of videos. Filter out explicit music and video from search results, or block access altogether. You can also block phone calls, Google actions, answers to questions, and games.

You have the choices to limit content for everyone, or just "monitor accounts" ones managed by Family Link. You can set these restrictions on single or multiple devices.

Control your smart home

Swipe down from the top screen of your Hub to show the Home View menu. A row of text and icons shows categories of devices around the house. You'll find categories like "thermostats," "lights," "locks," and "cameras." Press any of the icons to jump into basic control menus.

Tapping the "view rooms" button will pull up a list of your smart items and is organized by room assignment. The Hub will only show appliances and products you've linked to the Google Home app. You can add more if you want to, including third-party gadgets, through the app.

father and daughter playing

Set up a screensaver

The Google Home Hub's best feature is "ambient mode," when paired with Google photos.

Like a regular screensaver, the function transforms the display into a sleek digital photo frame. Google Home app, choose your Home Hub. Then hit Personalize ambient > Google photos > Select family and friends.

Now you can choose people you'd like to showcase. They should be grouped by faces, and possibly names if you've tagged them previously in the Google Photo app.

Google Assistant then takes the "best" picture of the people you select and builds a slideshow that will cycle through on the Home screen. Since the app recognizes faces, any new images you upload to Google Photos will appear in the gallery automatically. 

Get cooking

With a Google Home Hub, you might not need to open a cookbook again. Ask for a recipe for just about anything, and it will give you step by step instructions for thousands of recipes online.

Setting up Google House Hub is easy

From the Google House Hub's home view screen, you can control the TV, screen cams, lock the door, dim the lights, and more. It works hand-in-hand with products like the Nest Hi Smart Video Doorbell video camera and Nests indoor and outside video cameras, giving you more control over your security and environments.

Your Google Home Hub can do things like, permit you to view your everyday schedule, commute, and reminders, control suitable lights, electronic cameras, and TV's Access "visual, immersive" answers to your concerns about things like dishes, regional weather condition, and businesses, and more play music, see your images in Google Photos

You can also create shopping lists, secure your home, and control your thermostat (if your systems work) control other suitable smart devices, like Google Home. 

Compared to Google's other House products, the Hub is the most robust, providing both the voice commands of Google Assistant (a common thread for the Nest line) as well as a touchscreen user interface, thereby increasing its possibilities for use to things like videos and text-based tools.

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