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How To Make Money Over Winter Break As A College Student

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

If you are like the typical university student, you wait all term for winter season break. However, after a few days in your home, you, in some way, discover yourself bored out of your mind. You have no tasks to think of, no tests to study for, and more time on your hands than you thought you could deal with.

Benefit from the break from school to earn some money with these fantastic last-minute ideas. What I've listed here are few ways to make money over winter break as a college student.


Parents are busy with holiday celebrations and workplace parties over the break. Deal to see your cousins, next-door neighbors, brother or sisters or nieces, and nephews. You'll have a good time and make excellent money in the procedure

With kids are on break from school parents need a responsible individual to keep their kids safe and delighted while they're at work. Parties and gatherings also increase the need for someone to see the kids. 

Put the word out to everybody, you know. Parents of primary, middle, or high school trainees may also need therapeutic tutoring to take advantage of the season break.

Retail store

Be a Santa's little helper to some retail shops. If you take pleasure in helping others and are comfy with multitasking, consider looking into a retail work this winter break. 

The holiday season is the most important for retailers. It's where they make the most money and when they see the most foot traffic. The long hours are a blessing when you're bored home for a break.

Part-time positions such as cashiers and stockers will normally open up to add staff during the hectic season. 

You can make money by picking up a few hours at a nearby box store. Almost everyone is going to be looking for extra employees to handle the massive influx of shoppers.


Even if you don't want to tutor your fellow students, you could check out a site like Italki, You can check out Italki, it s a site that allows students to become a community tutor and help people from other countries learn English.

Several websites are also available online to connect to children and adults who want to learn English. You can set up your profile and set your class time. Now this job will allow you to stay at home while working.

Removing home decor

Although decorating the home for the holidays often seems like fun, taking the lights and decors down afterward and saving them away feels more like a task. Next-door neighbors and relatives may be prepared to pay you to do it for them.


WayUp.com and Internships.com are websites that specialize in helping university students find work and intern chances. Consult your college about any on-campus studies seeking participants. Or, register online with an organization that matches studies in your location with individuals who qualify. Some seasonal positions may still be open.

House/Pet sitting

Like babysitting, people who choose to travel in the winter will need a house sitter, pet-sitter, or both. It's essential to let the world know that you'll be available over Winter break. Talk to them about how responsible enough are you to take care of a house or the pets that come along with it. 

Start trying out to some of your relatives into letting you in charge while they're on vacation. Just make sure you get a good tutorial on how to use their complicated television before they're gone and know what kind of pets you're in for.


An image through Pixabay.com Puts your photography skills and devices to use this winter break by providing to do holiday family shoots.

Select some areas near you that will offer those thinking about getting their image taken a great background or purchase some festive backdrops to use. Set your cost to something-- PetaPixel puts an amateur rate point at anywhere from $25-$ 75 per hour and student cost point at $50-$ 100 per hour.

winter works

Shovel snow 

It's tempting to stay inside during winter, but that is an opportunity to make money. Go ahead and grab that shovel as you might be able to shower your neighborhood a bit of extra love, you can offer your services to just about any home only by walking around when the snow is fresh.

Talk to your boss.

Your employer may give you more hours to offset other employees’ vacation time or to help handle year-end projects.

Reach out to your old boss to let them know when you’ll be available and for how long. You can see if they have a job available for you. A lot of employees would wish to take a break during the holidays, you might help to cover their shift.

Fitness Trainer

Winter means a lot of Christmas cookies, extravagant dinners, cocktail parties and a lack of exercise. The winter could be the perfect season for you to take on a gig as a personal trainer. You can reach out to your local fitness centers and see what certification they require for their trainers.

The holidays are a time of relaxation, but they can also be an opportunity to make a ton of money on the side. The best part is, you can do several at once.

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