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How to Make Money as a Full Time College Student

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Love the idea of earning while learning? Working in college plays a vital of what you become after college. It can be stressful at times, but rewarding.

If you are thinking of ways on how to make money as a full-time college student, We've broken these on and off-campus and online jobs to help you decide on what best suits you.

Teaching assistant

Teaching assistant, also known as TA, handles the same tasks as professors do.TAs may teach classes, work with students in laboratories, grade papers and projects or work directly for a professor.

TA positions are, in some cases, promoted on official school task boards, the very best method to get one is to get in touch with the teacher you wish to TA for straight.

Especially if you're considering a career in the academic community, a TA job will reveal to you what life resembles "behind the scenes" of the lecture hall. In many cases, you can likewise get class credit for being a TA.

Research assistant

Your responsibilities as a research assistant will vary depending upon the department and the teacher you're working with.

In a science position, your duties may consist of carrying out or keeping an eye on experiments, preparing and cleaning devices, or collecting samples.

On the liberal arts side, you may be doing scanning pages from a book to transcribing recorded interviews for use in an essay.

The work isn't always attractive or exciting; however, these tasks will do marvels for your communication, organizational, and analytical skills.

RA's take charge of the activities in dorms and resident halls in college. Your primary job is to build neighborhood among students while likewise acting as a resource for any concerns they might have about college life.

Your job is to be able to answer any concern a local would have about living in school, so expect to study up and never stop discovering.

Settlement for RAs differs from university to university. Some will pay you a regular monthly stipend, while others will give you free or reduced housing. Either way, it's a great monetary decision.

Campus IT Support

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Getting into the IT department at your school helps you gain real-life experience if you are currently studying IT-related courses or know how to set up, fix, and otherwise maintain computers.

To work for school IT, you may need to satisfy certain requirements. Some IT departments will require you to end up being A+ Certified and even understand programming languages. Any existing technical or computer abilities are also a bonus, though a great mindset and a willingness to discover are the essential qualifications.

Tour Guide

A tour guide is all about selling your college and making your tour group love it. You will be dealing with nervous and excited high school students going on a college campus tour. Becoming a tour guide allows you to help those students and families who traveled from all over the country to visit your school.

Working as your school ambassador, You will need excellent public speaking and communication skills.

Off-Campus Jobs


Desire to use your automobile, bike, or even your feet to make some money? Delivering things is an option to consider, particularly with the expansion of delivery apps these days.

Choices include Door Dash (deliver food from regional restaurants), Postmates (provide almost anything), Amazon Flex (deliver anything Amazon provides), and Instacart (provide groceries).

These services tend to have the very same sorts of requirements, consisting of a minimum age (typically between 18-21), needed licenses and insurance (if utilizing an automobile), and the fundamental approach of transport.


If you love outdoor tasks, this is an excellent job for you. You may choose to work on weekends as the use of equipment is too loud for night time work.

Online Jobs

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You have to have a good grasp of the English language to be a blogger, and this work requires you to like writing. To begin, you may start to find blogging tasks at ProBlogger.net.

Graphic Designer

One of the most demanding freelance work is for graphic design. A lot of small and big business owners and other individuals are looking for graphic designers online to work on graphical assets like website banner, company logo, or others.

Online tutor

Since you are in school to learn, so why not help others to learn. Chances are others who need help in the subject you are good at and will pay you.
Tutoring can make good money, and the good thing is you can determine your available hours.

Become a freelancer in almost anything

There are websites out there like Upwork.com and Freelancer.com that offers a lot of work. Tasks are but not limited to, developing mobile apps, creating websites, blogging, video editing, graphic design, and any other type of online work. Give your best in completing your tasks, and once you earn a good reputation, you can get jobs quickly.

Photographer or a Videographer

A lot of people these days have pretty nice cameras. You can use that hobby as a professional if you so choose.

There is a load of people who are looking for photographers and videographers to shoot events like weddings, social events, school events, concerts, and other things.

If you're good at it, it can pay a lot. You can choose the job you want to accept according to your schedule, so it doesn't interfere with studying.

Freelance programmer

Many companies hire mobile app developers, web developers. This job requires some expertise in computer programming.

The development cycle can be anywhere from a few days to several months, and you're doing something you enjoy. Also, freelance development is attractive on a resume.

Social media specialist

There are companies out there that will pay you to make their social networking profiles sparkle. You'll be responsible for creating posts, interacting with people, and making social media profiles stand out above the rest.

It's both an easy and a hard job at the same time. On the one hand, you hang out on social media all the time, but then the downside is that you hang out on social media all the time. If you can handle it, it's an excellent opportunity.

Is it worth it to work in college?

The decision of whether to take up paid work while studying is a difficult choice that students face. The benefits of work experience and income must be weighed up against the loss of hours devoted to studying.

On a positive note, working can give you deep insight into hard-earned money. It will make you more determined to finish college, so you get the position you desire after as you graduate.

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