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How to Make a Lot of Money Fast as a College Student

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Being in college definitely isn't cheap. And together with disabling student loans and ever-rising tuition prices, reaching to faculty comes with a myriad of ways in which to get your checking account dry. College is also an excellent opportunity to earn, so we've listed ways to make a lot of money fast as a college student.

If you can get money from your parents for living expenses, it's probably just enough to get by. There are times you will need extra cash for clothes, trips, or other entertainment. Working while you are in college can help avoid borrowing to fund your fun.

You can't learn how to manage money overnight until you are on your own once you transition to the real world, these money management skills are necessary to be easy for you to become a self-supporting adult.

Surviving in the workplace requires time management. You can develop this skill while working in college. Consider it as a preparation for the fast-paced, demanding position you will have after college.

Drive for Uber or Lyft

uber driver

You can drive for Uber or Lyft to earn extra money on your preferred schedule. Depending on your area or how often you work, you could make hundreds of dollars per week. You need to have a 4-wheel car and should be over 21 years old to register.

Data entry clerk

Since every college student does a lot of typing, becoming a data entry clerk should be simple. Its lack of complex required skills and flexibility makes it an ideal side job for college students

The average pay for data entry sits at around $12 - $13 per hour. Sites like Fiverr and Indeed offer freelancing opportunities if you search for data entry positions. 

Sell on Etsy

If you're a die-hard craft fan, selling your creations on Etsy can make you a good bit of cash, it's pretty simple to do. Start by selling craft items like patterns or kits to make some additional income from home.

But even if you aren't especially inclined to craft, you can still sell things like supplies on Etsy and make money. So, despite the site's 3.5% fee for every item sold, you can still make a hefty sum.

Cleaning services

girl cleaning

While you may not be cleaning your apartment, you can certainly make a lot of money cleaning someone else's. 

Offering cleaning services with a cleaning company can make you around $20 - $40 per hour, not bad, right? To get started, you can check websites like HouseKeeper.com. 

Start a blog

It may not be the fastest way to earn, but when you do, it will be a great deal of profit. Writing enhances your brain as it sharpens your brain's performance. The best benefit that comes as a result of blogging is it allows people to express their creativity. This is something you can do as part-time and can transition to full time. 

Virtual assistant

college student

Always getting top grades on your essays, but don't want to start your blog? Then perhaps the writing center would be an excellent place to work. 

Virtual assistants help other people manage their socials and sites. This side hustle could even become a full-time gig. You can earn great money as your skillset improves.

Teaching English online

Are you getting a degree in teaching? If so, you could teach English online to children in other countries. There are platforms like QKID that connects native English speakers with children in other countries like China or India, where you can teach English even if you're just enrolled in college.

You can set up your class time, and people will sign up for your class. You get paid for every lesson you teach, which is done online and in the comfort of your own home or a quiet office. The teachers are making $14-22 per hour. This can get you $3,000 per month.

Estate sales

Instead of selling stuff on eBay, you can also host estate sales. Estate of sale online and offline can earn you a nice amount of money if you have customers with a full house of stuff. You will need the help of friends involved to be successful. This job can help you get $3,000 per estate sale.


This is for good looking people of the world. You can go to school and do modeling at night and on the weekends. It won't always provide a steady stream of work for many models, if you succeed at a few, this could become very profitable. 

There are many opportunities for making money

Making a lot of money fast shouldn't be your only focus while in college. Keep in mind that you are there to complete a degree and preparing for your lifetime career.

Woking is tough the more when you are getting your diploma at the same time. Sacrificing your time for leisure and cutting down on your expenses will go a long way as you fulfill your dreams. 

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