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How to Earn Money as a College Student in the Philippines

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

So you've decided where to go to college and excited to start learning about the major you want to study but worrying about one thing money. If the battle is real and you're thinking of methods to enhance your tuition charge. We've made a list on how to earn money as a college student for you.

In the Philippines, not everyone has the opportunity to have parents who can support their children's college dreams. Earning money can be hard, much more so for students because not all places will employ somebody more youthful than 18. 

Luckily, there are many ways to earn cash while going to school!

Off-line jobs

Back in the days, when freelancing was not yet in the Philippines, the only available part-time jobs we can do as working students are student assistants and a fast-food crew.

Fast Food staff

Working in a fast-food restaurant means working hard. The positions are cashiers, service crews, and kitchen staff. I admit it is more on labor.  

A lot of fast-food chains like and a lot more accepting working students and young service crew is indicating they consider your school schedules with your work regimen. The store would generally require your registration forms to get the privilege of getting the hours that will not interfere with your classes. 

The income ranges from P50 to P65 per hour with a boost to OT. Aside from monetary compensation and reward, you will likewise find out new abilities and knowledge associated with F&B and dining experiences. What you can earn is enough to buy food, toiletries, and pay for your dorm.

I remember when I was a part-time fast-food cashier, I envied my classmates working as a Student assistant. That's because they are doing administrative tasks, so they mostly work with computers, pens, and paper. They don't get their hands wet on the dishes. Plus, they have connections with our professors, so they are guided and getting free food.

The salary of a SA is lower compared to fast food staff, but to be fair with the tasks, I think it is acceptable. They are getting about 30-40 PHP per hour. The working hours are not that long because it is not safe to stay on campus late at night, so expect no overtime but take-home tasks or work on the weekends.

Online jobs

We live in a world where computer fuels the economy and innovation. Almost everything is done online because we are connected online. Generate income as a student online in the Philippines. 

student studying


Why don't you begin a blog website or your cyberspace online? If you can't sleep at night or don't understand what to do on weekends, utilize your enthusiasm and blog site about whatever you do.

You can make a blog, and it's free at Tumblr, WordPress, Weebly, and Blogger. Keep in mind to keep your content a hundred percent initial and owned by you just since you can not copy someone else's material and blogsite it. You'll earn cash when people visit your blog website offered you serve Nuffnang ads.

Satisfaction in having a recognized blog site, appeal in some ways, satisfy good friends in the Nuffnang community and online, and make passive earnings as long as your blog website is on the internet. 

Online tutor

This works perfectly for students taking a degree in education or for students in any major who are good in English. You can sign up on websites like rarejob.com.ph, bibo.com.ph, and others that accept college undergraduate students. They offer a job to teach ESL (English as a second language) to international students who want to study the language. 

Make sure to create a stunning profile that will sell your English skills for the students to book a lesson with you. These websites have a system in place to provide you with materials and lesson structures to help you deliver your lessons effectively.

This job requires you to invest in the equipment to use in conducting your lessons like a laptop or computer, webcam, a headset (best with the noise-canceling feature), and, of course, an internet connection. If you already have them, that's good! If you can borrow to start with, why not.

The rate would range from 110 to 160 PHP per hour. You earn enough to support your daily expenses, your school needs, and pay for your rent.

Do you consider working while studying?

There are lots of working students nowadays. Their determination to balance their academics and jobs is inspiring. Sacrifice your free time and costly lifestyle; after all, they will be there anytime once you finish. If you can't work complete-time, you can always work less than the full time or work the minimum hours.

Keep in mind, make your study a priority and don't get addicted to earning. 

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