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How To Do Voice Over Work from Home

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Has anyone ever made a remark about how great your voice is? You may have the ability to land a profitable voice-over task from the house if you can speak plainly and animate your voice. There are many ways for individuals to land voice-over tasks from home without even needing to go studio to do the work.

Whether you're seeking to or release a brand name-new career, consider these options to start. There are numerous other online side gigs to make simple cash, such as: sometimes hires freelance artists to help with jobs. The reverse time on some of the voice-overs is simply 24 hours, so often, the staff requires assistance maintaining.

The company listed below often have listings for voice over jobs from home. 


They require their artists to need to have their studio and five years of experience recording commentaries for videos. Voice-over acting is one of the most popular asked for freelance jobs. Sign up with the thousands of actors that make money doing voice-overs beginning at $5 per task. The skilled, greater rated actors start their rates out around $100 per gig.


The higher a freelancer is ranked the much better on Fiverr. Always do quality work, and it's not out of the concern to get lots of repeat customers through the platform. Artists are accountable for on-hold messages, greetings, voice triggers, and more! Snap Recordings does also provide services in Spanish, so being multilingual will be a plus and ideal way to make as much cash as possible.

Snap Recordings

Some clients utilize Snap Recordings, including banking, medical, genuine estate, and insurance. Join their over 2.5 million members who have developed a free profile with Mandy Voices. The self-proclaimed primary job platform for narration artists was formerly known as Voices Pro. Mandy is a vast network with professionals from all over the show business, including movies, TV, and theater.

Voice Bunny

As Voice Bunny artist, a sample of your work will be available for anyone who searches a voice actor profile. Make sure the best example is used! Join the over 30,000 voice-over artists on Voice Bunny.! Artists can likewise search on social media for possible connections. Do a little research and connect with various companies.


A freelance site where there are frequently voice-over jobs. The bidding on a job you find on Upwork is not a guarantee of getting hired. You'll need to take some time to showcase your portfolio on and update your profile to ensure it is attractive to potential clients.

Some fake employers will pretend to hire you, so please be careful of scams. These fake employers want to interview via Google Hangouts or Skype. They'll "hire" you quickly, and then will ask you to deposit a cheque to them for "office supplies."

Scammers tell you to keep part of the money and wire them the rest. It's a fake check, and you'll be responsible by your bank for trying to deposit a fraudulent check. 


One of the largest communities of talent, actors, producers, and narrators online. Being a member of this community, you'll have access to a new voice over jobs.

Just sign up with a guest account for free on Voices.com; however, they also have premium accounts that make it easier for you to find more jobs and get hired.


Another marketplace, similar to Voices.com, for finding voice work jobs. They also have various membership options like voices.com, including a free choice. One of the right thing while working with Voice 123 is that they don't take a commission, you are paid by the client directly.

The voice-over business isn't any various. Employers are always trying to get in touch with a new skill, so make sure your demonstration reel has just your most excellent work. When LinkedIn permits users to have a conversation and see if things can exercise.

Likewise, browsing specific hashtags (ex. #voiceover, #narrator, #voiceactor, and so on) on platforms like and might cause some extra voice-over tasks from the house.


Keep upgrading your demo reel with your most beautiful work, and do not quit on your dream, and you might be making great money as a voice-over artist in no time. It's a skill that not everyone has, so why not utilize your gift to earn a living. 

If the equipment and editing skills exist, keep making videos revealing individuals just how talented you are. Stay consistent and persevere, and with the proper marketing method, this can be essential to a successful future.

Voice over agencies find stars job for a living. This can be the best way to discover business and get your name out there.

Voice acting might be your calling

Voice-over acting is the art of reading a script and using your voice to bring that script to life by acting or developing a character, which is then described as a narration.

Voice stars are likewise frequently called voice over skills and voice artists. You probably hear voice acting every day; however, you might not recognize it.

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