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How To Be A Tech Geek

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

To my mind, the word geek has changed significantly. Before, the term was used as an insult to make fun of people who had thick glasses or who tried too hard in school.

Now, the term conjures up an expert and a lover of a particular hobby or intellectual pursuit. Attitudes have certainly changed about this word since the world is now much more complicated and we rely on those who know things to help us.

In today's innovative world, being a geek can gain you numerous benefits, so we've listed tips on how to be a tech geek.

What are the benefits of being a tech geek?

Sophisticated knowledge of science and technology can open up many opportunities such as good friends and high paying jobs.


People who share your interests can connect with you with people and you can network very easily, leading to great career opportunities and fantastic friends. And since nearly all companies run a website or server, geeks remain in high demand to work as administrators or programmers.

Career opportunities

In our extremely connected society, being a computer system guru can be among the highest paying jobs available, and computer specialist is in high demand, specifically for network administrator jobs.

There are lots of careers and professions that are known to stand the test of time. Physicians, accounting professionals, and teachers have existed for centuries and will most likely live until we enter into the matrix.

Whether the roles today are called computer system engineers, programmers, or database administrators, the tech market has now ended up being a long-term and lucrative market that one should consider entering into.

There are even new opportunities in which the technology is still in its infancy—robotics, cognitive computing, etc—therefore if you are trying to find an exciting career, this is the place to be.

Learn the hardware

Start by learning what is inside a computer. A tech geek is someone to call when something went wrong to the computer. That's why it is essential to know the parts, functions, and how to fix them. It would be best if you learned how to install and upgrade drivers.

Learn about computer software and operating system. The software makes the computer works, including applications, protocols, and operating systems.

An operating system is a software intended to provide a predictable and dependable layer for other programmers to build other software on, which are known as applications.

Get your hands dirty!

The best thing to do when you wish to discover something tech-related is to jump right in. In my opinion, there are no better methods to find out than hands-on.

The sign of a true tech geek is not just learning things by traditional methods, you should find ways to teach yourself!

This allows you to take them when you can, and possibly not even have to check out a classroom. Online classes work for those who work full-time and don't have much extra time to go to a night school.

The more you put your hands on it, the more comfortable you will be with the process. Whatever it is that you desire to learn, take a little time every day to practice. You will discover that you rapidly end up being familiar with doing whatever it is.

tech geek

Learn to code

Learning to use your computer's command line (Terminal or Konsole in Linux, MS-DOS windows Prompt/Command Prompt) is vital to boost your efficiency.

Windows DOS prompt is good to know; however, Linux or UNIX, Mac or BSD, or other Unix-like operating systems, it is essential to understand how to use the command line so that you can work more efficiently via bash scripts.

Build your website

I advise learning HTML, finding out to construct and use WordPress, and learning a little bit of PHP.

The Designer Platform in Squarespace enables you to construct your design templates and modify the HTML. You can then see exactly how the coding translates to the appearance of the site.

This will help you a lot because as soon as you start your website, you will also give yourself a reason to continue to increase your abilities.

Learn to type fast without looking at your keyboard

This is something you can do with practice, by trying out typing tests you can find on different sites. Follow the steps and strategies to make your typing skills improved.

Keep an eye on tech blogs

There are so many blogs that will help become a tech geek. They will usually post instructions with videos that will make it easy for you to absorb. Keeping up with the latest about tech is a must.

Help others with their computer problem

Solving other people's computer problems can give confidence and practice as you encounter a situation you haven't seen on your computer. It will help you learn, as well.

Off you go, discover something technical!

In this generation, there is no reason that your tech understanding must be left in the dark ages.

Whether you want to design a hot new mobile phone app, develop software that powers successful businesses, or create digital effects for blockbuster films, specialized computing skills will be indispensable.

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