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How Technology Makes Us Lazy

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Everything seems to be moving so much faster nowadays. Why toss a grilled cheese sandwich on a real grill when you can throw it into an automated sandwich maker?

Why have Mom over and interact face to face when you can pop into FaceTime for a quick video call

No need to drive over to the library when you can bring up Wikipedia or do a Google search? In reality, why even look out a window when we can check the weather forecast on our phones?

In the 21st century, innovation has progressed to accommodate a more natural way of life and fulfill every requirement that could require satisfying. Here are the reasons why technology has made ALL OF US lazy.

A huge amount of entertainment

Back in the great old days, we needed to dip into shops like Tower Records to grab the new Britney Spears album or visit Hollywood Video to rent a new movie. 

But now from our phones, these jobs are a breeze! From the convenience of your own house, while seeing the fight on Pay Per View, you can stop mid-match briefly to double-check that your preferred tunes on iTunes have been downloaded or your playlists on Spotify synced to your mobile phone.

Food delivery

You can easily pick and categorize them according to food type (Mexican, American, etc.), price, score, etc.

They make it exceptionally easy for you to discover what's nearby, tasty, and open at the ideal hours.

You can pick online from complete dining establishment menus, then leave particular guidelines for your food and delivery.

Other services are comparable to GrubHub: Seamless Web, Foodler, and eat24hours.

Online shopping

Is there an ongoing sale on at your favorite shop that you have no time at all to get to?

No worries, the Internet is always here for you. Online sites like Nordstrom.com or Amazon.com have eliminated the need for you to experience the charm of sunlight.

When you're done shopping, why not flip to the House Shopping Network while you're at it or book a discounted getaway on Jetsetter. No requirement for telephone calls or in-store visits innovation has you covered.

Communication through social media

With so many buddies to keep track of, who has the time to hang out in real life any more?

Social media has made communicating with other individuals so simple that you now do not need to get together with anybody!

The social network has made life so simple, in reality, that some of us only remember our friends' birthdays from Facebook! Spotify allows us to browse through what music our pals are listening to without ever having to ask ourselves. We can also discover what our friends have been up to, who they're talking with, and what occasions they have prepared by searching their user-profiles and following their feed.

E-books Addict

Kindle is doing so high that they are putting shops like Borders out of business and forcing physical book stores to embrace the emerging pattern in digital book reading. Barnes and Noble have released the Nook as a completing e-book reader.

With devices like these, you can go shopping online for a new book while checking out clips, quick book evaluations, and comparing similar checks out.

Online News Update

With technology, you don't need to crack open a paper and turn the pages to your favorite section.

Checking online can have access to services that both aggregate our favorite news sources and shoot the most "interesting" headings into view, in addition to applications that combine our subscribed feeds and pool them into one hassle-free location.

GPS Assistance

GPS has made it easy for us to receive from Point A to Point B that envisioning a world without it is practically impossible. A few of us can't even keep in mind the last time we physically had to crack open a road map just to outline out a journey, whatever is digital now.

Technology is making us SO LAZY

These days, people do not require to run errands any longer; they push a button on their phone (another item of tech) and have many of the human's first world problems resolved. With that being said, we will now go over in information the degree to which technology is making us lazy with these couple of realities.

While we can not reject the fact that innovation has made errand running obsolete in some aspects of life, it is essential to say that we are also losing a chance to work our muscles, brains, and body in general. With the emergence of online purchasing and delivery services, individuals no longer need to leave their homes to do "chores" any longer.

It implies people no longer have to invest hours doing routine things like essay writing, home works, and errand running. Just a couple of decades back, no one could expect to press a couple of buttons on a particular device and anticipate a ride to come to fulfill them within a twinkle of an eye.

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