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Hands Down The Best Places For Young Entrepreneurs To Live

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Are you looking for a place to settle down? Location has always been an essential part of a startup. 

We should look for a place that will put you in the best state of mind, to grow and be a successful entrepreneur. 

If you're a young entrepreneur looking for a place to start a new venture, consider these best places to live.

Factors to consider

  • Population and Growth—Determine how easy it is for a startup to staff for success. 
  • Affluence—Consider your target customers and choose the area that will help them find you. Education—A skilled community makes a productive entrepreneurial environment. 
  • Taxes—It affects what kind of profit margin you can earn.

Silicon Valley 

san francisco bridge

Silicon Valley leads the U.S. startup ecosystem for numerous decades. 

Despite duplicated efforts, just a few cities outside the Valley (New York and Boston) have historically had the vital mix of VC financing, network, and talent to fuel dynamic startup centers.

Most exceptional startup city rankings have shown this fact for an extended period.


Austin has a remarkable startup community that other cities will find it hard to compete. 

Austin is known for having an informed workforce, and this is due to the University of Texas and other universities' influence. 

Employers and people are thinking about development markets drawn to the vibrant, wise energy that thrives there. Filing and paying for the state business tax won't give you a heartache. The culture in Austin is renowned for its supportiveness of the organization's neighborhood. 


Miami city skyline panorama at sunset with city high-rise buildings and bridge over the sea with reflection Don't let the sand, sun, and tourist of the South Beach sidetrack you from Miami's reputation as a terrific location for brand-new businesses.

The Kauffman Index recently called Miami the second most entrepreneurial city in the U.S., with the nation's highest startup density, 247.6 startups per 100,000 people.

Large businesses like Google, Twitter, Facebook, and Apple have offices there, in addition to 139 firms. 5000 list of fastest-growing private companies.

Miami has a skilled and diverse population, a robust entrepreneurial environment, and has an essential bridge to Latin America.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is known for surf, sun, stars, and now you can include startups to the list. Entrepreneur Adam Pokornicky sees the city's community inspiring, seeing a constant pattern of optimism, interest, and community. That sort of energy and like-mindedness is a breath of fresh air and motivating. 

San Francisco

Artist Paul Kantner once stated that San Francisco was "49 square miles surrounded by reality."

That may be real when it comes to the chances for startups and entrepreneurs, but the truth of enormous money and excellent service' pressure on the city itself is everywhere. 

Real estate and rent rates are at incredible levels, and the difficulties of such a high cost of living are genuine and growing concerns.


Seattle has been amongst the fastest-growing cities in the United States since 2010, and its population will increase by an additional 200,000 over the next twenty years. 

A young, vibrant society, a flourishing tech market, and a run of intriguing dining establishments, unique shops, and coffeehouses are among the factors for the boost in startup traffic in Seattle.

Pioneers drew into the diverse, entrepreneurial spirit that the city breathes. 

Seattle does not offer significant tax rewards for entrepreneurs. Still, it does have plenty of venture capital firms and financial development endeavors to help promote the advancement of small companies and startup businesses. 

Just as attractive as these are the incubators and organization programs at the University of Washington and neighborhood colleges, where ambitious business owners can get their start.


chicago city

Chicago's tech efficiency is becoming increasingly more acknowledged in the startup scene. KPMG's study of more than 800 tech leaders found Chicago in the leading 10 of tech innovation centers worldwide. 

Forty-five percent of financial investments produced ten times a return on financial investment. 

Salt lake city

With three major universities in the higher metro area, together with other smaller colleges, Salt Lake City is bursting with certified graduates each year. We can't miss mentioning the low cost of living and friendly business law. 

This proves to be a hotbed of organization startup activity. The city itself boasts a dynamic downtown and artsy community. You'll find cafes, pastry shops, and dining establishments in its 9th and 9th neighborhood, and eclectic local shops in the Sugar Home area.

St. Louis

Entrance to the west, remarkable ribs, and company startups! St. Louis is going through a renewal with brand-new jobs, tourists, and revitalization. 

It's not surprising that millennials started roughly 40% of St. Louis's brand-new ventures. There are lots of resources for startups in St. Louis, consisting of the organization accelerator, Speed up St. Louis, and EQ, an entrepreneurial media outlet. 


Detroit is no longer merely the motor city. In truth, Inc. calls Detroit "Start-up City, U.S.A.."

The city offers a variety of work area resources, including Ponyride, Bamboo Detroit, and Green Garage. More so, there's just lots of space. 

Uninhabited lots, even skyscrapers, readily available to acquire inexpensively. Detroit's low-cost of living and loads of superior talents makes Detroit a startup's dream. 

Summing up

Remember that wherever you end up, there are plenty of resources to help you on your journey. Once you find the perfect place to set up shop, seek out the greatest minds around you to make your dreams flourish and bear fruit.


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