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Best Tech Toys For 10 Years Old

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

10 years old is a great age to be discovering technology. There is seemingly no limit to the amount of innovation and entertainment that is currently available to youngsters.

However, sorting through them all may be a challenge. That is why we've created a list of all of the must-have tech, science projects, and gizmos that kids would like to get their hands on.

Nintendo 3DS XL

This Nintendo 3DS XL is certainly fun, but it can also be educational as well. It is the perfect tech present for kids who like fun games to test their reflexes and puzzle-solving, but you can also download games such as to do math or foreign language practicing.

This gadget is the ultimate in portable video gaming. It boasts face-tracking 3D for an immersive gaming experience.

Minecraft Raspberry Pi Edition

This Minecraft Raspberry Pi edition computer system package includes everything required for your child to develop their extremely own computer and gain a firm grounding in computer technology.

This LEGO Developer toy can't instead make up its mind is it a bird, is it a jet-pack, or is it a pet? It's all 3, and each one includes a light-up part for a lot more enjoyable.

WooWee Mip Robot 

If your kid is interested in the world of electronics and robotics, you must check this Robot, which is part of the mini construct up series.

With instructions consisted of, snap together the pieces and usage consisted of the controller to operate your Robot. 

Holy Stone HS200 RC Drone

With a live WiFi video camera connection, you can fly, movie and see everything you are doing when linked to a cell phone. There are an altitude control setting and a one-touch return home function, which is incredibly useful. 

Apple iPods

Generally, a tiny computer that you can carry around in your pocket. This 32gb iPod Touch is the perfect present for ten years old kids as they usually have access to as many apps, music, websites as they can handle.

3D Development Maker

This remarkable and exciting 3D Development Maker that kids will enjoy. Use your imagination to develop as many 3D items as you desire; you can design and construct anything you wish! No need for glue, heat, or any signing up with a product, so there is more time for fun.

Journey to the stars 

This gift from Garmin comes this Vivofit Jr 2. Created to keep kids delighted and active, this fun Star Wars themed watch exists to track children's activity levels, including their step count and sleep patterns.

Apple iPad 32g

Imagine having the ability to gift your kid a computer system that they can keep in their hands. Now you can with this spectacular space grey 32gb Apple iPad. Boasting internet access, together with tons of apps, games, music, books, and more, this high tech tablet is a certain should have.

Banana handset

Pair this banana handset with your phone, and you can have an entire lot of enjoyable! This banana uses Bluetooth to get and make calls, and, for the eco-aware parent or child, this fruity piece of the package is made from 100% recycled plastic, and supports 'Tailoring up for Gorillas' too. Explore the depths of photography delights with this water-resistant camera from our life.


Features built-in 3.7 V rechargeable lithium battery and 1.5 hours are tape-recording time. For a cosmic present for the pre-teen in your life, take a look at Cozmo. This charming little Robot comes with three power cubes, a USB charging platform, and a Code Lab coding platform that is perfect for young engineers of the future to hone their coding abilities.

KiiPix Instant Photo Printer

Bring them back to the future with the KiiPix Instant Photo Printer so that they can print out their memories immediately, with just a couple of effortless actions.

Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Movie Cam

They state the best things can be found in small bundles, and the pictures you obtain from the Polaroid PIC-300 Instant Movie Cam are absolute because of category.

Perfect for those pajama party selfies, this cam includes a selfie mirror, macro lens adapter for close-up shots, and produces instant, clear pictures for hold-in-your-hand memories. Available in flamingo pink, lime green, smokey white, and two tones of lovely blue.

Cat Ear Headsets

These super comfy Cat Ear Headsets include radiant, flashing, feline ears, in addition to sound decrease technology. What's more, they're fully collapsible, so if they MUST take them off, they can fit quickly into their backpack or tote. 

Xbox One

One of the best gaming consoles in the world today. With a fantastic choice of video games available, the Xbox One is a need to have.

Tech toys are worth it for your 10-year-old

Finding the perfect device gifts for children is harder than it looks. The kids' toy market is awash with overpriced junk predestined to end up unloved and forgotten. How do you discover kid's tech that's inspiring and academic, however fun enough to keep them coming back to it? 

This is about engaging and unusual gadgets that will hopefully thrill your kids. These are the very best tech toys for ten years, old kids. Still, we have discovered that as long as they're monitored, more youthful kids will likewise actually take pleasure in many of these gizmos and toys.

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