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Best Gadgets For 10 Year Olds

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Are you having trouble with finding a perfect gift for your 10-year old kid?

You need to consider many facts about your kids interests to get it just right. For those kids who just love tinkering with gadgets, technology and video games, we've made a list of the best gadgets for 10-year-olds.

Xbox One S 500GB Console

It is one of the best gaming consoles on the planet right now. It has an unbelievable selection of games on offer. The Xbox One is a must-have! This Xbox One S boasts 500gb of data for games, films, or save data. This gadget will give your child years of fun.

Holy Stone RC Drone with FPV HD wifi Camera Live Feed

The HS200 RC Drone is a remarkable gadget for your kid who loves to tinker with things. Take them to a park and watch as they get overwhelmed with excitement making a real object fly in the air and controlling it!

With a live wifi electronic camera connection, you can fly and stream video. You can then see whatever you are doing when connected to a cellular phone!

There is an altitude control setting with a one-touch return home function, which is hugely beneficial.

Nintendo Switch

Get your kid the very best gaming device in terms of portability and new games with the Nintendo Switch.

Just take the Switch from the dock, when on the go and use the move when in the house, location back in the dock for instantaneous home screen action. It even boasts face-tracking 3D for an immersive gaming experience.

Tinkering Labs Electric Motors Catalyst STEM Kit

Is your kid interested in how things work? If so, this STEM set will be right up their street. Brought to us by Playing Labs, this Electric Motors. This particular award-winning set teaches kids everything about circuits and how they work through hands-on experimentation. Follow the instructions to build some quite cool things, and find out as you go.

Apple iPod Touch

Imagine a gift to your kid, a mini-computer that they can carry around in their pocket. The device comes in 32gb iPod Touch, which is the perfect gift for 10-year-old kids because they have access to websites, as many apps, and music as they can handle. Apple iPod Touch is a gift they are guaranteed to love.

Nintendo Switch

Get the most of big-screen action with portability with the Nintendo Switch. Take the Switch from the dock to play on the move when on the go. When at home, place back in the dock for instant home screen action. The best way to play and laugh with the whole family.

Tech Will Save Us Gamer Kit

This fantastic kit from Tech Will Save Us is a do-it-yourself cool kit. It allows you to learn all about the world of electronics and coding as you code and play your very own video games. This gift makes educational and fun fits perfectly together.

Personal Planetarium

Journey to the stars with this gift. Space is a chasm of mystery and adventure. Children will love this bit of kit as they can journey the cosmos with the power of technology. To let the magic happen, All you have to do is place a smartphone into the headset.

Fire HD 8 Tablet with Alexa

Is your 10-year-old kid a techie? If so, this Fire HD tablet with built-in Alexa is exceptional. It has access to hundreds of apps; the tablet contains all of the fun and learning you could ever desire for your child to have.

Circuit Cubes Whacky Wheels Kit

STEM sets and kits are 100% fun and educational way for kids to pass the time. This particular award-winning set with hands-on experimentation teaches children all about circuits and how they work. Follow the instructions indicated to build some pretty cool stuff and learn as you go.

Amazing Clear Sound Bluetooth Headphones

Wires are annoying, period. These wireless headphones are connected via Bluetooth. Designed to deliver excellent sound quality and a better tone. Boasting memory earmuffs, they are incredibly comfortable, allowing you to listen for longer – they even have a battery life of up to 50 hours.

Makey Makey Invention Kit for Everyone

From Makey Makey comes this cool invention kit for every preteen that makes science and electronics accessible to all. Specially made for children, this fun kit allows you to turn mundane, everyday objects into controllers for cool computer programs, making them believe them that science can be fun and exciting.

WowWee Mip Robot RC Mini Build-Up Edition Toy

Who will not agree when we say robots are cool. You should get this WooWee Mip Robot if your little one is interested in the world of electronics and robotics. This is part of the mini build-up series. With instructions included, snap together the pieces and use their controller to operate.

remote truck
Remote Control Off-Road Truck

Get off the beaten track with this rugged and fast off-road RC buggy. The device is built to last, and this all-terrain buggy can tackle and scramble any environment you take it on. With front and back shockproof suspension and knobby tires, you can be confident the fun will last for many miles.

Circuit Kit With Lighted Bricks

If you are stuck when it comes to finding gifts for 10-year-olds, you should get them 115 different projects in one. This circuit kit will give children a ton of experience in electronics and designing and building. Watch their face (and the LEDs) light up when their circuit is complete.

Learn while they play

Choosing a gift for kids is not easy. We do not want to compromise learning to playtime, plus we want to make sure that it is something special for them to appreciate.

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