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Best Fraternities At Virginia Tech

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Fraternities can be an amazing addition to the university experience.

The fraternity community at Virginia Tech is comprised of 48 active and vibrant chapters governed by four councils: Interfraternity Council (IFC); National Pan-Hellenic Council (NPHC); Panhellenic Council (PHC); and the United Council of Fraternities and Sororities (UCFS). 

While Virginia Tech is home to lots of Greek-lettered organizations (professional, honor, service, and local) we've selected the best fraternities at Virginia Tech.

Tau Kappa Epsilon

North American college fraternity Tau Kappa Epsilon, commonly understood as TKE or Teke, is a social college fraternity based on January 10, 1899, at Illinois Wesleyan University. The company has chapters throughout the United States and Canada, making it a global organization. As of 2017, there were 246 active TKE chapters and colonies.

On January 20, 1981, TKE member Ronald Reagan was sworn in as the 40th President of the United States. Reagan signed up with TKE at the Iota Chapter at Eureka College in 1929. Through his time as President Reagan remained actively involved in Tau Kappa Epsilon.
Grade: 68.98%

Theta Chi

Theta Chi is a worldwide college fraternity. It was established on April 10, 1856, at Norwich University in Norwich, Vermont, and belongs to the North-American Interfraternity Conference. Theta Chi has more than 191,000 members and presently has more than 8,000 undergraduate members throughout The United States and Canada. Theta Chi was established on April 10, 1856, at Norwich University in Norwich, Vermont, by two military cadets, Arthur Chase, and Frederick Norton Freeman.

The very first initiates after the creators were Edward Bancroft Williston and Lorenzo Potter, both started on April 11, 1856. Theta Chi's history is closely connected to the account of Norwich University. In 1866 an enormous fire ravaged the university, destroying the Old South Barracks, where the fraternity had been established
Grade: 67.12

Pi Lambda Phi

Established at Yale University in 1895, Pi Lambda Phi (Pilam) was the first non-sectarian fraternity in the United States, accepting males of great character without regard to race or faith, striving to eliminate bias. Today, Pilam chapters throughout the United States and Canada cultivate a brotherhood that promotes: academics, social work, humanitarian engagement, management advancement, monetary responsibility, social abilities, and long-lasting relationships.

Pi Lambda Phi (), commonly called PiLam, is a social fraternity with 148 chapters (67 actives) and 15 nests in the United States and Canada. The fraternity was founded in 1895 at Yale University in New Sanctuary, Connecticut. Very little is learned about the early start of the fraternity.
Grade: 67.07

Kappa Alpha Order

Known as KA is a social fraternity and founded in 1865 at Washington College in Virginia. As of 2015, the Kappa Alpha Order notes 133 active chapters, five provisionary chapters.

KA Order was founded as Phi Kappa Chi on December 21, 1865, at Washington College in Lexington, Virginia. James Ward Wood, William Archibald Walsh, and brother William Nelson Scott and Stanhope McClelland Scott are the founders of the fraternity.
Grade: 66.56%

Phi Sigma Kappa 

Informally understood as Phi Sig or PSK, is a men's social and scholastic fraternity with approximately 74 active chapters in North America. The majority of its first two lots of branches were approved to schools in New England and Pennsylvania; therefore, its early advancement was strongly Eastern in character, ultimately operating chapters at six of the 8 Ivy League schools in addition to more egalitarian state schools.

According to its Constitution, Phi Sigma Kappa is committed to the promo of its 3 Cardinal Concepts: the "Promo of Brotherhood," the "Stimulation of Scholarship," and the "Development of Character." Phi Sigma Kappa started on March 15, 1873, at Massachusetts Agricultural College in Amherst (now the University of Massachusetts Amherst) by six sophomores (described as The Founders).
Grade: 66.55

Phi Delta Theta 

It was developed on three pillars that haven't budged an inch given that the fraternity was established by "The Never-ceasing 6" way back in 1848 at Miami University. The components are The growing of relationship amongst its members, the acquirement individually of a high degree of mental culture, and the achievement personally of a high requirement of morality.

Assisting every person to meet his true potential is the bedrock of the Phi Delta Theta Fraternity. By commemorating everyone's true self, and by learning from each other's strengths while assisting to improve each other's weak points, every member of Phi Delta Theta turns into a higher variation of himself than he might ever on his own.
Grade: 66.36

Pi Kappa Alpha

Typically known as PIKE, is a college fraternity founded in 1868 at the University of Virginia. It has more than 225 chapters and colonies across the United States and abroad, with over 15,500 undergraduate members over 300,000-lifetime initiates. The fraternity's vision is "To set the requirement of stability, intelligence, and achievement for our members, host communities, and institution in which we live."
Grade: 66.33

Pi Kappa Phi

Pi Kappa Phi, typically understood as Pi Kapp, is an American Greek Letter secret and social fraternity. Founded by Andrew Alexander Kroeg Jr., Simon Fogarty Jr. and Lawrence Harry Mixson, and on December 10, 1904, at Charleston College in South Carolina. It has 187 active chapters (168 chartered chapters and 19 associate chapters), and more than 113,000 initiated members.
Grade: 66.31

Alpha Phi Omega

Alpha Phi Omega is a national co-ed fraternity organized to offer community service, leadership advancement, and social changes for college students. The purpose of the fraternity is "to put together college trainees in a National Service Fraternity in the fellowship of principles originated from the Scout Oath and Scout Law of the Boy Scouts of America; to develop Management, to promote Friendship, and to offer service to humankind; and to further the flexibility that is our nationwide, academic, and intellectual heritage.
Grade: 66.18

Beta Theta Phi

Typically understood as Beta, is a North American social fraternity that was established in 1839 at Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. One of The United States and Canada's earliest fraternities, it currently consists of 117 active chapters and 23 colonies in Canada and the United States.

The oldest fraternities that formed the Miami Triad, together with Phi Delta Theta and Sigma Chi. Harrison Hall (then understood as Old Main) at Miami University, the founding site of Beta Theta Pi, visualized about 1896 Trainees at Miami University at the time of Beta's founding had actually previously formed two rival literary societies: The Erodelphian and Union Literary Society.
Grade: 66.02

Final Note

The overall fraternity community at Virginia Tech experiences credibility erosion when the general public can not compare acknowledged and unrecognized fraternities, the latter frequently operating outside the bounds of generally concurred upon requirements," the report said. 

By this fall, the report recommends a "thorough action and communication plan notifying all trainees and their families about unrecognized fraternities and sororities, and their aliases, operating outside the bounds of university acknowledgment." That consists of a letter to all incoming trainees, posts on social media and in newsletters, and a twice-annual advertisement in the student paper, the Collegiate Times.

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