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Best Cities For Tech Jobs In The World

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Thanks to globalization and the increase of the internet, we've ended up being less and less bound to a specific place to live and work.

Working from another location or moving to a completely different part of the globe for a job that has higher living standards or fits your lifestyle better has never been simpler.

Where should you move if you want to level-up your living situation as well as get a significant pay bump?

Look no further, we've crunched some numbers to make a choice easier for you. For twelve of the most typical tech tasks, we collected and ranked average earnings data per city from the income comparison website PayScale.


London's tech scene seems to be carrying out above all expectations; it received more equity financial investment than any other European country in 2017, for instance, with numerous London-based startups such as Deliveroo passing the $1 billion evaluation mark in 2015.

What's most appealing for job seekers, though, is the UK's skills shortage when it concerns meeting this ongoing growth; the country currently depends on worldwide workers for 13% of its digital sector labor force. 

Ranking: 3.8

New York City

New York has developed its own defined tech culture over the last decade or so, branching out from the Flatiron district of Manhattan to become an established player in its own right. 

The figures back this up, too, with approximated 7,500 tech companies running in the city and utilizing 120,000 employees. Investors, on the other hand, have invested shy of $40 billion in regional startups over the last five years. The most beautiful part is that companies still have a hard time to secure talent, with a scarcity of skilled and skilled engineers indicating that wages are being bumped up to draw in brand-new hires. 

Ranking: 6.8


Although Boston was a little behind the times during the initial web boom, the city has lastly captured up with its tech counterparts in California.

In either case, the location is now seeing some returns on this talent pool in the tech sector, with HubSpot, TripAdvisor, and Wayfair all recent startup success stories. In basic terms, though, it's Massachusetts's position as the country's top tech employer that provides one of the most motivated, with much better living expenses and a vibrant city lifestyle offering a practical alternative to the likes of Palo Alto. 

Ranking: 7.0


Although the Asian city-state has actually traditionally been known as a financial services powerhouse, it is quickly making strides to develop itself as the primary tech center in the region. Additionally, the arrival of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google within current years has made this sure bet.

Singapore has stable federal government financing, secure infrastructure, and an incredibly vibrant talent swimming pool to sustain its position as an acknowledged worldwide innovation center. With the state slowly backing research study into artificial intelligence (AI) in specific, there is a wealth of ongoing opportunities for tech talent in the Lion City. 

Ranking: 7.8

Bay Area (Palo Alto, San Francisco & San Jose)

Silicon Valley is the original tech capital. Since the 1930s, The Bay Area has been a powerhouse of the most significant tech companies on the planet, attracting most innovative minds in the world.

Much of the technology that was produced and established there continues to affect the way we all live.

The problem is that living costs in the location are now merely too expensive even for senior engineers. There are many stories of highly paid experts living paycheck to paycheck in the Bay Area due to excruciating rents, with lots of employees either using to work from another location, carrying out substantial commutes, or just heading in other places.

Ranking: 8.0


When you think of technological innovation, Japan and Tokyo, in specific may come immediately to mind.

Although the area's startup program has been implicated of stagnancy recently (Japanese startups in primary have actually struggled to see growth outside of the nation), there is still plenty available for adventurous tech professionals who are ready to transfer; electrical engineers and software application developers remain in high demand. 

Ranking: 9.3


From street art to punk music, Berlin has continuously had a track record for doing things a little differently.

For circumstances, it presently boasts the fastest growing startup community in the world, with lots of forecasting it to take over London after the UK exits the EU. However, Berlin likewise has a lot more practical benefit over its British equivalent (and, for that matter, Paris and Amsterdam), too: price. Not just are living costs kind for tech experts, but there's also no trade-off on location as holds with many cities; the typical traveling time for employees is simply 23 minutes.

It may not have London's level of financial investment, Amsterdam's connection speeds, or Boston's universities; however, it does high supply levels of satisfaction for the engineers who select to work there. If you're searching for your next colossal profession move, you need scope no further. 

Ranking: 10.5


Many up-and-coming tech cities purport to market themselves as the 'brand-new' Silicon Valley, but within Europe, Amsterdam has a more significant claim than a lot of. Aside from the near 600 global IT firms that have started a business there, the city is likewise rapidly developing a worldwide reputation as an information center mecca.

If none of this encourages you that a tech profession in Amsterdam is a smart option, then you can continuously depend on the city's effortlessly cool beauty; life in the Dutch capital is a notoriously laid-back and culturally fulfilling experience.

Ranking: 11.8


With Alphabet recently announcing plans to revolutionize Toronto's old quayside with a futuristic micro-city, the global tech industry is making a bold statement in Canada's most populous city. The region doesn't necessarily require this controversial external influence to make a name for itself in tech terms, though; with 22,500 digital jobs created in 2017, Toronto has been flexing its microchip muscles for some time.

Although it's very much still in its growing stages (reflected in the relatively low wages in comparison to the rest of North America), Toronto's tech scene already hosts leading research centers in the likes of data science, AI, and even stem-cell research. With high living standards and affordable rent costs, this growth is undoubtedly only set to continue. 

Ranking: 13.8


With many tech experts searching for an alternative to the fast-rising lease issue in the Bay Area, the 'Silicon Hills' of Texas is seemingly fitting the bill; office is progressively being bought by both startups and recognized firms, with funding and skill not far behind, either.

The city has constructed up extremely outstanding tech credibility all by itself, thanks in part to homegrown companies like Dell, along with the presence of the hugely popular annual South by South West (SXSW) music/tech festival. Indeed, with new tasks being developed every day and an abundance of budget-friendly living spaces readily available, this is one of the best exciting places in the US to be a tech expert right now. 

Ranking: 15.0

There are tech cities around the world

In reality, it's near difficult to forecast where the next big thing will happen; however, it is possible to get a concept of where your most significant possibility of securing a job lies in truth, we've scoured the newest information from Savills, KPMG, Valuer to show it.

So, if you wish to be surrounded by the brightest minds, however, you do not desire to commute for three hours every day to see them, then look no further: these are the 10 top tech cities of 2019.

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