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Best Canadian Cities For Tech Jobs

John McKinney    |
John McKinney

Canada is a land of opportunity for tech startups. For those looking to relocate, youngsters from all over the world have taken interested in this countries great cities for new job opportunities.

For IT professionals, it is a haven to live. In order to give you a glimpse of the magic in this country, we've researched the three best Canadian cities for tech jobs.

Here are some of the world's best tech startup cities to live in Canada which reflect its rapidly growing tech environment. In the 2016 global report launched by Compass and analyzed by Professional Market, just three cities were included in the study: Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver.

Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver are all well-established as leaders in a variety of tech disciplines including AI, clean tech and cloud computing.


It's not unexpected to hear that Toronto consistently stands above the competitors when it concerns Canada's tech sector. 

Located in the financial capital of the nation, this city is home to the regional workplaces of the Big 5 banks and boasting a remarkable concentration of multimillionaires. Toronto looks like the apparent destination for many ingenious tech entrepreneurs searching for backers.

Toronto is the first Canadian city to host the giant tech conference, Collision, which only further manifested the city's position in the tech world. 

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A whole brand-new generation of business owners realizes that it just may be possible to produce active tech careers in cities other than Toronto. 


Montreal has a fantastic nightlife, budget-friendly rents, and a cornucopia of most affordable tuition universities. And it's likewise home to Ubisoft Montreal, one of the world's most successful game company studios.

For that reason seemed unusual to a lot of individuals that one of the significant grievances from tech business owners in Montreal was that they often had a difficult time securing financing. 

However, in the last few years, both federal and local federal governments have been working on strategies to increase Montreal's reputation as a city where tech is valued.

An announcement was made last June of Capital Intelligent Mtl, a $100-million fund to promote Montreal's Smart City Action Strategy, in collaboration with 23 venture capital companies and monetary institutions.

The New York-based Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) chose Montreal as 2016's Intelligent Neighborhood of the Year. For 4th time, a Canadian city had won the award since its beginning in 1999, and it's clear that Montreal is placing itself to be among Canada's leading tech cities.

If Artificial Intelligence/Machine learning is your thing, consider Montreal. Some studies term it the "AI Capital of the World," considering the density of AI solution companies and research labs per square km in its downtown. (French is the official language there - so proficiency in it is expected).


Vancouver is like the silicon valley of Canada. A lot of individuals believe that Vancouver is destined to be a significant gamer in the tech market. Allegedly 40% of downtown Vancouver realty homes startups. However, it's starting to appear like serious provincial mismanagement might be stalling the city's success.

Perhaps nothing highlights Vancouver's problem much better than a recent post in the New York Times, concerning talks that have been happening between the federal governments of Seattle and Vancouver. The advantages of such a co-operative approach appear apparent. Microsoft, for example, sees an expansion in Vancouver.

With the backing of significant American companies, Vancouver could lead to a large-scale growth of its still relatively small base of tech companies.

Anybody who's lived there in the past ten years understands that the price of realty (whether you're purchasing or renting) is completely crazy. Even Bloomberg has actually reported on it, and how it's forcing millennials to leave a city they enjoy because they can no longer pay for to live there, leading to brain drain.

Not remarkably, these low incomes aren't assisting to keep having a hard time Vancouver millennials in the city either. But do not count Vancouver out right now. If these issues get resolved faster rather than later, there's still a chance we might lastly see Vancouver end up being the tech powerhouse a lot of us think it can be.

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Canada is an excellent place to live

Canada has a vast set of opportunities in the older and newer software set of technologies.

Whether you're preparing to end up being a digital nomad and want to make a long-term relocation to another city, this list should offer valuable insights in choosing a terrific town where you can practice software application development beyond the US.

Getting a job is essential, but it is only one aspect of living. Deciding on a place that keeps you happy and allows you to function at your best is equally as important.

Before making a move, consider all the factors. A trip north to Canada may be your next big adventure.

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